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Exploring the Mind-Body Connection and it's Health Benefits

Mind-Body Connection

The power of understanding how the Mind affects the Body and vice-versa is important for people seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle. You cannot function without the other – and both are equally important to train! If you’re wondering why your goals of achieving to become a healthy, fit and confident person are always failing - Here’s an overview of the mind-body connection that may answer all your questions. Heck, it might even solve all your problems and kick start your way to that healthy lifestyle you always wanted!

The Body

Healthy body

All the while when a person mentions the word “Healthy” the first thing that comes to one’s train of thought is the physical appearance of an individual and how their body looks. Usually associated with these thoughts are the broad, muscular build of strong men or the flexible, slender, slim body of women. True, these individuals are a model of health. But understand that looking great is just but one of the facets of a healthy person and cannot be achieved through mere short cuts. A healthy body means not just a good outward physical appearance but also excellent internal body functions such as the cardiovascular and respiratory system’s condition and the immune system that fights disease and illness.

Training one’s body for health is a task that requires use of movement, repetitive motions, and competitive engagements to ones anatomy that bring about wear and tear in order to facilitate growth and improvement not just of the muscles but of the body’s organs and systems as well – which then addresses how important recovery and repair is to the body for health. To achieve maximum benefits for such an ordeal of recovery, nutrition is indispensable. Which is why food intake coupled with supplements to complete the necessary nutrients is a demand the body has after training and when done properly – can do wonders for one’s physical integrity.

The Mind

healthy mind

Mental health is best emphasized by a person’s mood, intelligence, memory, drive, and emotion. Looking at competent individuals, one truly appreciates the “healthy mind” that is always almost followed by success and confidence. These individuals are not born with such a healthy state, for they have chosen to sharpen mental health each day up until they have achieved what they desired. Mental health does not merely concentrate on how smart you are – that is but a part. Overall mental health includes your focus and dedication, your consistency and your drive, your ability to decide quickly and accurately.

Training the mind may be just as hard a task as training the body. Meditation, information gathering, memory, relaxation and rest, anger management, and decision making all are examples of parts of mental training to sharpen one’s health. As with the body’s training, the mind also demands nutrition for rest, recovery and repair. For optimal brain strength and anti-deterioration, the proper nutrition from food intake and supplements are essential to give your mind that polished and healthy function – doing great for your mental integrity!

The Mindy-Body Connection

It’s surprising how much people forget how the mind and body work harmoniously together. To understand the connection easier- here are some examples:
    Body and Mind
  • One cannot exercise effectively (Body factor) without having the drive(Mind factor)
  • One cannot maintain focus (Mind factor) if he/she is sick or has illness (Body factor)
  • One cannot diet and lose weight (Body factor) if he/she lacks discipline (Mind factor)
  • One cannot gain confidence (Mind factor) if his/her body feels out of shape(Body factor)
  • One cannot eat well and train well (Body factor) if he lacks information and intelligence of what is right and what is not (Mind factor)
  • One is unable to make proper decisions (Mind factor) if he lacks sleep and energy (Body factor)
  • One will not be able to perform at his best physical ability (Body factor) if he/she is clouded by anger, fear or distractions (Mind factor)
  • One will not be able to think at his best mental ability (Mind factor) if he/she does not feel well, is ill or is weak (Body factor)
These are just few of the important examples of how the Body and the Mind affect each other. Both are dependent so much that a lack of one factor depletes the other. So if your goal to a healthy lifestyle is always delayed or inadequate? Maybe with just a little tweak in training, with better understanding of what to train (remember, BOTH Mind and Body) – can be what you need to fully achieve your goals! Next week, we will discuss Vitamins and Supplements and....
  • Are they important?
  • If so, why are they important?
  • The effect they have on your body and overall health
  • What exactly do they do for you?
  • and More
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God speed and Happy Training!

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