Sunday, December 4, 2016

5 Reasons You're Not Gaining Muscle Mass and Strength

Muscle Mass

If you are like most people, you are pumping iron to work on that physique. Am I wrong? Most people want to look good and have that beach body 6 pack. To get that sculpted physique, you need to be focusing on the correct way to building muscle mass! Want to know how?? Here are 5 main reasons when it comes to exercise why you just aren't seeing results anymore...

1. Not Pushing Yourself Hard Enough

  • I know that exercising and running aren't the most enjoyable thing in the world, but nothing is free right? Your body is always learning, growing, and adapting to your daily lives, but in order for our bodies to improve and grow stronger, you must push yourselves harder every workout to impose stress on your body. Stress on muscles leads to strength gains and size increases.

2. Performing Exercises Incorrectly

  • Knowing that you should exercise is one thing, but knowing how to exercise is another! It sounds pretty stupid right? Well there are in fact many people out there that don't educate themselves on exercising and perform many basic exercises incorrectly. Exercising with improper form not only poses a lot of stress and danger to your body, but it ultimately holds you back physically from ever reaching your peak gains! Hold tight because Nutrilives will be posting effective at-home exercises correctly and safely on our blog!

3. Exercising Too Often

    Muscle Mass
  • Yes, exercising too often is a real thing! Why? Well exercising, lifting weights in particular, causes micro tears within our muscle fibers. Our bodies need time, 48 - 72 hours, to heal itself which will build muscle mass to compensate from that exhausting workout. Without proper rest and nutrition, stressing those same muscle groups too often can lead to muscular fatigue, breakdown and/or injury.
  • I recommend only focusing on a specific muscle group no more than 2 times a week. So you may do 2 to 3 main muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, and chest one day and change up the muscle groups the next day. 

4. Not Exercising Enough

  • If you can exercise too much, then you can obviously exercise too little. Welcome to America, home of the obese. Just kidding guys, we have the best country in the world, Donald Trump runs it. Anyways... not enough exercise only holds you back from reaching your peak performance as a fitness enthusiast. 
  • I recommended to to get at least 30 to 40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 3 days a week.

5. Not Switching Up The Exercise Routine

  • You must MIX IT UP! No I'm not talking about your whey protein mix, I'm talking about your workout routines and exercises within. Exercise routines should be broken into Macrocycles, Mesocycles, and Microcycles. Macrocycles consists of the whole training regimen, while mesocycles are typically a couple weeks to a couple months, and microcycles are 1- 7 days. 
  • Each one of these should be organized based on your specific wants and needs. By properly implementing and performing multiple exercises on a weekly basis to new routines on a monthly basis, you will no doubt continue to see gains!
Stay tuned for my next related post which will talk about proper nutrition and how much you should be eating for certain body types. Check out our Store to shop all of your nutritional needs!

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